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A Krishnamurti School concerns itself with education of the total human being. Knowledge and intellectual capability alone are not sufficient to meet life’s challenges. Learning to enquire, to observe oneself, to relate with other people and the earth, is the core intention of the school.

A Krishnamurti School is a constantly questioning, evolving institution, with the intention of creating an environment, a climate where one can bring about, if at all possible, a new human being. It is imperative therefore that parents and students understand and appreciate the intention of the school and actively participate in this movement.

" The purpose, the aim and drive of these schools is to equip the child with the most excellent technological proficiency so that he may function with clarity and efficiency in the modern world, and far more important to create the right climate so that the child may develop fully as a complete human being. This means giving him the opportunity to flower in goodness so that he is rightly related to people, things and ideas, to the whole of life. To live is to be related. There is no relationship to anything if there is not the right feeling for beauty, a response to nature, to music and art, a highly developed aesthetic sense"

-- J.Krishnamurti.

The vision with which the school works is that a student who approaches the final years in school would have developed:

  • a sense of integrity, dignity and confidence to face life's challenges;
  • a sensitivity to relate rightly to the earth and to all life;
  • an ability to learn on one's own and take responsibility for learning;
  • the capacity to make choices of future activities in consonance with one's deepest predilections;
  • the intelligence to remain a sensitive human being with openness.