Run 2017 Fundraiser

Ravishanker Sunderam


TWCM2017 | CHENNAI | 03-DEC-17 | 10K

Appeal to Donors:
My father put me in The School when it first started in 1973 at Poes Garden. At that time, the student-teacher ratio was favour of the teachers !!

I would have never have got such a singular experience anywhere else.

Every student was treated as a unique and special being.

When the school shifted to Damodar Gardens in 1980, the student-teacher ratio increased but the experience remained EXACTLY the same and whenever I visit the school I find that the students change, the teachers change but the experience remains.

2010 was the beginning of a very traumatic phase after the school was asked to vacate the current premises.

I know a part of me would die if the school had to close and couldn't continue the marvelous work its been doing the last forty years.

Please help me to save my school so it can continue to nurture and watch over future generations unborn.

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