Run 2017 Fundraiser

Yashwant Vaid


THE WIPRO CHENNAI MARATHON 2017 | Chennai | 3 December 2017 | 10K

Appeal to Donors:
The School : A school which has nurtured and brought about excellent human beings for the society, who counter anyone in life with all sensitiveness. My older one passed out from this school, exploring life all the way through the school & never ceases an opportunity to explore World in his own way. My younger one, who has spent over 11 years in this school already, comes up with some brilliant thoughts/concerns that purely amazes me. The school makes a child a very confident one, who can tackle any situation in life, purely by rationalizing its thoughts. Being a parent of the school, has helped both my wife & me too in shaping up our thoughts & ideas after debating amongst ourselves & choosing the best possible one.

Like the school teaches a child to chase its passion, running has become a kind of passion for me & what better way to raise funds than choosing one of the best qualities of the school.

While I take pleasure in informing that I have completed my second full marathon on October 15, 2017; I am chosen to be one of the "pacers" at TWCM, pacing runners who are looking to finish their 10K run in or just under 1:10.

The School moves from its current location & I request your generous contribution towards its relocation.

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